«David Patrois ambitionne de mettre constamment l’aventure au cœur de son trio,  une aventure jazzistique ouverte à l’interaction et aux développements imprévus, qui contribue à façonner et à modeler ses fines compositions, dans des espaces où l’énergie côtoie la poésie.»
Lionel Eskenazi,
Jazz Magazine/France Musiques.

«Wow, what great playing, and really interesting music!  The idea of a trio with woodwind, vibes and percussion is very original, and I wondered how you could make this work.  But hearing it, it sounds perfectly complete and normal. I didn’t miss having other instruments in the mix like I would expect. And the songs are so original and fresh, and they really come across with a lot of strength. Sometimes, very original music sounds new and different, but not necessarily fun or inspiring to listen to. But, this is no problem with your music. I’m very proud of you David. I wish you success with your CD.»
All the best,  Gary Burton

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